Across the Royal Dust | Teaser

Excerpts of my upcoming music

Wizzo | Clásicos de ayer

Advertising campaign for a new App Wizzo commisioned by DDB Barcelona.

The Key Moment | ShortFilm

A small shortfilm about conference calls and
the surrealistic "Art of the Pitch".

Femi Kuti | The World Is Changing

"Joaquin Urbina directed the video,
bringing in his modern and emotional vision
to the work".

One Click Portraits | Franck Berjont

Series of video portraits.

Lullaby Crocodile

"Whatever you want to call the random, loving destruction, it’s a delight."
Fast.Co Design.

Direct | TV campaign

A TV campaign for insurance company Direct.

Smashing | Titles

"The cream of this year's crop
of title sequences". SXSW Film Design Awards 2013

Automatic Deliriums | Cut-Ups

A cut-ups mashup from audiovisual live show at CCCB Barcelona.

Generali | Orchestra

A live action spot for Generali & Ardaf.
Shot in Bucarest.

Yoigo | Manifiesto

An special commissioned work for mobile
phone company Yoigo.

Beyond Tellerrand | Titles

Title sequence project made in collaboration with art director Ana Gale and Andi Toma from Mouse on Mars.

J&B | Quality

A paper cut-out adventures campaign for J&B. Commissioned by Kesselskramer.

One Minute Suite | Late Aspirations

A Super8 Memories collage
for electronic musician A Red Cat In
The DogHouse


Music video for Barcelona´s electronic
duo Narwhal made in collaboration
with Ana Gale.

Modern Archeology | Readymades

A photographic essay made in collaboration
with photographer Javier Tles.

Story: We Produce

A cut-out animation for a brand new production company Story.

Narwhal | Whirling Ceremony

An animated journey through surrealistic graphic landscapes.