Joaquín Urbina, I´m a visual artist, designer and director,
No-Domain (is not an studio) is the pseudonym for my work.

Founded No-Domain in Barcelona (2003).
With a long and wide background in graphic design, visual experimentation, art and creative direction, I work creating, directing and manipulating movies and artworks for music and brands. For other people and myself.
Graduated in graphic design (Caracas1991) turned to moving images.
My work has been featured on: Stashmedia, Onedotzero, Vimeo Staff Picks, SXSW, Art of the Title, Shots, Triangulation, Motionographer, Offf Festival, Fast Company, HAFFTube, Ciclope Crafts Berlin, Fubiz and screened live at Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, Sonar Festival, Mapping Festival, Museo MIS de São Paulo, Unsound Krakow, Projeta Lisbon, Les Nuits Sonores and many other audiovisual festivals and exhibitions.
I live in Barcelona.
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Photo: Javier Tles