The World Is Changing Artworks

A graphic print series for Femi Kuti.

Modern Archeology

A "readymade" photographic series I´ve made in collaboration with photographer Javier Tles .

Cristian Vogel Artworks

Cristian Vogel & Station 55 CDs,
vinyls & posters.

Smashing Types

Typographic experiments made for the Smashing Conference Titles.

Cut-up Series | Part 01

Collages Series "Delirios Automáticos
sin Instagram".

Cut-up Series | Part 02

Collages Series "Delirios Automáticos
sin Instagram".

Canal 3XL | TV Branding

"No-Domain destroy the concept
of clean, polite channel branding
by wrangling video chaos into a new
look for Spain’s Canal 3XL".

Scissor Sisters | Invisible Light

a collaboration work with Canada´s directors, for their Scissor Sisters
music video "Invisible Light".

No-Domain in Books

Some of ND artworks published on:
Poster Made in Spain, Latino, Atlas of Graphic Design, A New Kilo Kesselskramer, Design to Help, Los Logos, Illusive, Handmade...

Daedelus | Make it So

Assamblages for electronic musician Daedelus music video: "Make it so"