DeProp | La Pedrera

No-Domain & Narwhal live:
Postmodern psychedelic experimental live cinema on ambient synths excursions.

Delirios Automáticos | Xcèntric

Experimental cinematic cut-up live show for Xèntric Cinema at Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona.

Antología Poética JSP.

Video Installation. Exhibition "Group Show"
at GBG Arts

Workshop | Video X-Pross

"No-Domain´s Screenception...One of the most visually estimulating works we’re seen in a while."

Live Visuals Showcase

“No-Domain uses its full creativity
in the shape of distorted and Lo-tech psicodelic visual pop”
Sonar Festival


A videoart piece for The Corner Festival at La Plataforma Gallery in Barcelona and Get Set Art Festival in Oporto.

Work in progress

"Time is a funny thing"