Workshop | Video X-Pross   Workshop | Experimental
Creative Direction & Workshop:
Joaquín Urbina.
ESAD Host:
Paulo Silva
Video credits:
Direction, Post & Sound: No-Domain.
X-Pross Images & Voices: Workshop participants.

Comunicar Design 2011.
ESAD - Escola Superior de Artes e Design de Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.
The Comunicar Design/ ESAD invited me to give
a workshop that I called it "Video Cross Processing",
name inspired by the classic 90´s C-41
reverse chemicals process.

During the workshop 25 students shared
an exciting experience playing with a lo-fi-video-technique
to generate analogue glitches, textures, errors, colors, cathode distortions, graphics patterns and a bunch of plastic expressions found through analogue screens from tube
and flats tv to mobiles phones.

The game was starting from a single letter (like c,r,o,s...) and then captured from a screen through another screen through a screen...screenscreenscreen....

4 hours workshop session using old televisions,
minidv cams, phone and digital cameras, scanners and other material such as acetato, plastic, water bottles, paper..