Narwhal | GALAPAGOS   Music Video Visuals
All the content was shot, created and manipulated by Ana and Joaquín, except for the turtle shots that were borrowed from Ivan Soto and the live band shots that were filmed and processed from the original footage shot by Jerson Tamayo.

Narwhal (Simon Willians & Cristian Subirá).
Galapagos, Visions Wide EP.
Music Label:
Station 55
For a better audiovisual experience
use good speakers or headphones.

The video is a collaborative art project between
Joaquín Urbina a.k.a No-Domain and Art Director Ana Gale for the Barcelona's electronic duo Narwhal.

A visual composite that takes us onto a delicate and liquify journey through the Narwhal's track Galapagos.
Working in the same line with the band's creative process, using layers and layers of sounds to create an unique texture, we played with bunch of different formats and techniques to achieve the collection of textures and a hypnotic-narcotic feeling: HD macro lens, VHS tapes, mobile phone video, plastic bottles, photocopies, stop-motion, etc…