One Minute Suite | Late Aspirations   Video Artwork
Directed and Produced by No-Domain.
Featured and awards:
Screening at Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Centre in Florence.
LAUS Awards 2009 | Silver
Over the course of the year (2008)
I've been collecting old super8 home movies
that I've found on street markets and cash converters.These are old memories from strangers now forgotten, but they also have interesting visual richness in their movements, colors and textures. More important, the strength comes from the poetic weight of the imaginarium of people you have never met,
people you will never know what happened with their lives and, to a lesser extent, why their private material
is now in your hands.

Andrea Mi, the curator for "One Minute Suite Project"
invited me to participate in the creation of the visual counterpart of a 1 minute musical piece. Upon listening to "Late Aspirations" from A Red Cat In The DogHouse, I felt that this collection of colors, stains, people, places and textures
could illustrate perfectly the melody, rhythm and
cyclic atmosphere of the song, that turns around like a movie projector and blinks like an eye. Lost memories that burn
subtly when they find the present, late aspirations.